I have been shut out of my job for the last two weeks due to the shutdown. I was still able to be in my cabin, but not allowed to work. At least I was able to get some personal things that I needed to do taken care of.

Today I was able to finally get back onto the beach. It was good to get back out there and do some work. Even though it is my day off I worked about five hours taking care of things that needed to be done. It has been a long stretch of time off and there were things needing to be done.

One bad thing, however… my Hawaii trip has been postponed unfortunately. No sure when I will get to go, but it may be in December. I was supposed to leave in three days, but that is not happening right now. Bummer. Oh well, it gives me more time to get a few more things together for the trip.

Anyhoo, all of the public lands are now open for visitors so get out there and see some places!

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