My Old Friend… Music

I have not been playing too much guitar the last several months. I go through these spells, which I believe I have mentioned before. I get in a funk and don’t feel like playing or writing for a while. It is kind of hard to write by myself sometimes. I can play guitar, but I cannot play the things I want to play because it is beyond my skill level. I am starting to experiment with different tunings and playing around with those, as well as teaching myself to just play better. It gets a bit frustrating because I listen to progressive music and I get inspired to write but I cannot play what I want to write!

My friend John I used to write with in CO was good at the melodies and I was good at coming up with the words to go with those melodies. Perhaps we can write some more in the future, but he has been pretty busy at work so it may take some time. Things will slow down for me somewhat over the winter so I am planning on doing more playing, writing, and recording. I gotta get myself back into it.

One thing that got me motivated was an audiobook I listened to on my trip to SD. It was Pete Townshend’s biography “Who I Am”, read by the author. I was a big fan of The Who back in the day. “Tommy” is one of my top albums, as well as “Quadrophenia”. In my opinion they are both works of art, with “Quadrophenia” being much more mature and refined. Listening to him telling the stories back in the day and verifying the legends was interesting and got me motivated to play again. Thanks, Pete!

I have two complete songs to record, and a third nearly done. I have had two of these for several months but was not sure where to take them. One I had the music and had already started some lyrics a few months back that I had not finished until tonight. One complete was one of those songs that just fell into place in about 20 minutes but I have not recorded it yet.

I am going to record these while I am feeling like playing. One problem is I get these grandiose ideas in my head on where to take songs and I never get some completely recorded because the things I want to do are so time consuming and hard to do with the limited recording resources and playing ability I have. I have a few like that that I really need to finish.

I hope to get some recording done soon, but I think I want to get some more writing done first so I can get them all recorded. I gotta get at least this last one finished up first.

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