I’m Your Captain

Yesterday we went out to Protection Island to check on some things and give the Law Enforcement boat a shakedown run after some repair work. It is a Zodiac – this one is a fiberglass tub with an inflatable collar. I was told I was going to get to play around in it and learn some maneuvering and get to drive it. Could not wait for that on such a gorgeous day! How cool… two beautiful days in a row on a boat on the Strait… life is good.

We got over to the island and took care of what we needed to do and then I got to drive the boat, all right. Woot! I learned a few things about getting the boat up to the dock in the harbor at the island, then we went out into the Strait and got to play around on some big water with the boat. It was pretty awesome hauling ass across the water like that and getting a feel for how different it is than anything else I have driven. It was explained to me it is kind of like driving on ice and I can see the correlation. I am going to be going for boating certification so I need to get some hands-on experience at it so I can have some time behind the rudder under my belt before that happens. Hopefully I can get out pretty often and will definitely go every chance I can get to get more experience.

It would be a lot of fun to have a boat to go out on and go crabbing or just pleasure trips. I don’t see that happening any time soon for me, but hey… you just never know. The Boat Fairy could just show up one day and bestow a gift upon me!

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