I Have Come to a Realization About Something

I have had an enormous amount of time to think about a lot of things these last several months… where I was both mentally and physically a year ago, and how I got to those places where I am now in life.

I go out onto the beach and I look back at the mountains. Anyone who knows me knows how special the mountains are to me. It is almost spiritual for me to look up and see the majesty of those peaks.

It seems I have really gotten to like the beach and water… not the warm, sunny beaches full of people, mind you. I really like the rugged, rocky coastline of the Pacific Northwest and New England (I got to spend some free time around Rhode Island and Block Island), which I discovered I had an affinity for when I was up there 25 years ago when I was on the road. The sheer power of the waves is so incredible to stand next to and watch – it is probably the only natural display of such tremendous power that you can get up close and personal with and still be safe. I knew coming up here that I would fit right in with all there is in this area, but I really did not know that it would captivate me like it has.

I mean, you have seen some of the pictures I have posted here in the various pages of my blog. I have been so fortunate to see some really beautiful places, and not just recently but all throughout my life.

Nature has such persuasive powers – I guess that is why it is always referred to in the female gender.

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