The Sequim Grange

The last week or so I have been seeing a sign about a spaghetti dinner at the Sequim Grange. They do a pancake feed every month as well. My past experiences with these local shindigs has always been good – a real taste of the area and of the local people. I thought “what the hell… going to get dinner tonight!”.

Coming from the midwest I knew there were grange halls, but never really knew what they were. There is one just down the road from my parents’ house I went past daily for many years, but never really knew what their purpose was. I had an idea, but not real certain. Tonight I learned all about it.

I paid the lady at the door and walked into the room where this happening was occurring. I got my plate of pasta and garlic bread and a salad and found a spot to sit. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was probably the youngest person in the room, but it was fine. Everyone was having a good time, and there was a guy playing country music (yecch) on the stage. The food was pretty good, and I found out later that the money goes into a scholarship fund so that was cool.

I was getting ready to leave and a couple came over and sat down next to me. They insisted I stay and chat, so I stayed and we talked for a while. I learned about the history of granges in the U.S. from this couple, as well as what they do in modern times, and it was interesting. I had an idea about the social gathering aspect beforehand, but no idea about anything else that they do. They invited me back to a potluck dinner, and invited me to some of their meetings and said if I wanted to volunteer they would be more than happy to have me sign up.

It definitely had a rural feeling – which is what they really were set up for in the old days. Socializing was one aspect, albeit a big one, but there was also politics as well. Given the amount of farms in the area I imagine that they really do get a good gathering of people there for many different things. They have ice cream socials, potluck dinners, and even old-time fiddlers one Saturday night a month. It is just down the road and i got an event calendar from them so I will probably check out a few other things they have going on to have something to do that is within just a couple of miles from home.

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