Saturday Night Live

A friend of mine here loaned me “Saturday Night Live – The Complete Third Season”. What a lot of memories that brought back.

Sure, they may have had a few disposable skits here and there, but man… that show was so good and broke so much new ground in TV. I believe it was the first season with Bill Murray and Chevy Chase had left the show. What a talented group of people the show had those first few seasons.

There were a few other select people who stood out seasons after that, but the Not Ready for Prime Time Players were so good at what they did, and the writing was great. Those old “commercials” they came up with were hilarious and looked so real the way they were shot (on film, just like many real commercials of the day) – who can forget “The Bass-o-matic”, or “Pussy Whip”, or the car ad for the “Royal Deluxe II” as well as the others? These were classic shows and rank up there with “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

It also reminds me of “Fridays”, ABCs answer to SNL. Michael Richards (“Kramer”) got his start on there, and also involved were “Seinfeld” producers Larry David and Larry Charles. It only lasted two seasons, but had a few shining moments as I recall.

Long gone are the days of entertaining shows on TV. Now all we are left with is the mindless drivel of reality shows making celebs out of people best left in a trailer park, and keeping names in the public eye of people who seem to NEED to keep their name in the public eye to satisfy their own vanity. But, with that all said, that is why there we have the ability to change channels.

I guess that is really why I do not miss having a TV that much. When I had a TV and satellite provider, I basically watched only two channels out of all of the ones available. I can think of other things to do with $100+ a month – like travel to see things. I remember way back when “The Learning Channel” and “The History Channel” actually had programming that reflected the name of the network.

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