I finally decided…

…that I would get a shirt or hat to support the Seattle Seahawks through the playoffs since I live here in Washington now. Problem is that I cannot find anything in this area to buy! Bummer that!

I gave up on the Broncos long ago when the owner started whining about needing a new stadium or he would move the team. Of course, the voters succumbed to the extortion and gave him one, plus a lot of the money generated by it. Add to that the arrogance of John Elway and I am through with them.

I still like the Colorado Avalanche NHL team, and always will. I got addicted to watching them on TV when I could in their first season when I lived in KS and they won theStanley Cup – an amazing season for an amazing team. I do not have a TV, but I can still catch scores or highlights somehow if I want them… and if they ever play again (no thanks to the NHL Commandant).

Go Seahawks!

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