A Long Weekend is Almost Over…

It has been a good week. Meghan came in for a week to hang out, went to Seattle, heard from a couple of good friends that I had not heard from in quite a while, some exciting things happened here at the refuge, and I was offered a 6-month extension on my caretaker job here. And that is just some of the excitement.

I spent most of the day Thursday working on another new song. I am not quite sure where the lyrics are headed yet; I have two distinct ideas poles apart, but as far as the music is concerned I know definitely know where it is going and it will be much different from anything else I have posted on my SoundCloud account previously (but I have worked on others similar to this latest one). I have another song in the works as well. Perhaps one of the lyric ideas will make its way over to that one – I just do not know yet. I actually started that one first, but I got the idea for the one I am arranging and recording, and it has taken on a life of its own now… I just could not stop trying various ideas for the tracks today. It felt good to get out the Strat and play some more the last few days and be creative again.

Well, it is back to work this morning. I do have a great office, however, and I am certainly looking forward to six more months of it!

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