October 24, 2012

I finally took a roadtrip today. I was not sure where to go, and had several ideas, but one place nearly everyone says to go is a place near Port Angeles in Olympic National Park called “Hurricane Ridge”. It is only about 20 minutes away so I decided to go there.

They are getting ready to be open on weekends only and since I work weekends I thought I would go have a look while I can. I got close to the gate and the road was closed about five miles in due to the snow they have gotten lately. I got to travel that first few miles and the leaves are pretty nice along that stretch. After getting to the gate I turned around and went back towards US 101.

I decided to head west on 101 while thinking of another place to go see. I decided on the Elwha Dam area. They are demolishing a couple of dams along the Elwha River and I thought that might be cool to go check out.

Well, that went real well, too. That road was also closed temporarily when I was there due to blasting of the damn dam. Zero for two so far. I thought while I was there I would maybe do a short hike, albeit in my biker jacket sine I did not bring my heavier coat. I did not look real outdoorsy, but I was warm. I walked around a parking area and snapped a few pics:

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As I was walking toward the Falls, a couple came around the corner and they had their goddamn dog with them. It was a Doberman, and she had the leash all the way extended, the dog was not under control, and came after me fast. I froze and told them dogs are NOT allowed out of parking lots in a National Park and she wanted to argue. I told her again, and her hubby was giving me The Stinkeye. I think he was intimidated by my leather jacket – it has happened before (in Denver people crossed the street one time when they saw me coming toward them). As she was bitching and walking away the dog jumped on my leg and tried to bite me (that was a flashback to a few months ago when riding motorcycles with my uncle Tom and he got bit on the leg by an unleashed dog; that dog then came after me but I kept kicking at it). I walked away instead of calling the cops (I had a case of dumbass at that very instance). I told them they “…better be glad that” their “f____g dog didn’t bite me”. They left and walked a bit faster to their car as I went around the corner to the Falls. The more I thought about it the more it really pissed me off. I went back to find them so I could call the cops but they left before I could get back to get a tag number. That was a bit of a buzzkill for seeing the Falls, but it was cool back there. At least it is not far and I can go back soon. The law is, and has been for as long as I know of, that pets are allowed anyplace that a car can go in a National Park – NO PLACE ELSE. Even if they ARE allowed, like in a National Forest, they still MUST be on a leash. Read the damn regulations and abide by them. Better yet, your dog is not a human. Quit thinking it is and has to go everywhere that you go.

I digress. Back to the adventure.

I then thought I would head out to Neah Bay – the NW most point of the Lower 48. It would be about 60 miles but maybe a few hours each way on a winding two-lane. I got about 40 miles out and it looked like the rain would not let up. I aborted the mission and decided to head back toward home with a pawn shop tour on the way to look at acoustic guitars and possibly some cables in case I cannot find mine to record with.

There was not much at the pawn shops, but the music store was cool. The guys in there were nice and knowledgeable. For a mom-and-pop store they had good prices on their new gear and they were cheaper than the pawned ones I saw and were Fender acoustics.

So I am standing there in my leather and some guy walks in, and I have NO idea who this guy is, but he is carrying his little girl who is about two and he is wearing his cowboy boots. He walks up to where I was talking with the guys in the store and he looks at me and gives me the devil horns and has this look on his face. It caught me by surprise but I smiled and he started grinning and laughing. He was asking them about something and then he asked me my name and introduced himself as Chris and we shook hands. I then asked all these guys about Open Mic night around P.A. and he was telling me about various places doing it nearby. He was a knowledgeable guy and had been playing the music scene for a while obviously by the conversation. We talked about music and what we played. It was pretty cool. We shook hands and he left and I left a few minutes later after asking a few more questions.

I am now back home and did one last check for cables for recording. Lo and behold, I found the one I absolutely had to have to get the sound from my mixer into my computer. I was working on a different song last night and got the lyrics nearly finished up. I just need to put together some music for it and I have an idea for that as well. I have 3-4 songs on deck I am working on so I have a lot to catch up on and get done.

We are golden now that I have that cable… let the writing keep on keepin’ on, and let the recording commence!


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