September 26th, 2012

Well, I think that today starts the first day without the countdown… the “Day” numbers on the posts are really not necessary any longer I feel.

Today I found a chiropractor and needed it so badly. I was hoping to find a massage therapist but did not have time. My back and neck have not been happy for a while and I need to get something done about it. After that I went and took care of laundry today and then met up with my new boss today. He is a very nice guy and I think this is going to be a great place to work and is a great area to be in. It is going to be busy with a lot of work to do, but it is also going to be very interesting and I hope to learn much from not only Dave, my boss, but the other people in the office and the many volunteers.

I also met one of the volunteers who is on the Board of Directors for the lighthouse at the end of the Spit. We had a good long conversation about the area, the lighthouse, and the Refuge. He will be a great help and a valuable resource and was interesting to talk with. There are many, many volunteers at this place and they are very knowledgeable and care passionately about the Spit. It is good to see so many people like that… there needs to be more.

I got to pick out a new mattress for the bed in the cabin. It is a nice mattress and it is going to be SOOO good to sleep in a real bed for a change. We get it delivered in two days but wish it was sooner. My back and neck have started to bother me a little from the dinette bed in the trailer.

Speaking of the cabin, I got to see the inside of it today and it is quite cozy, very quaint and simple, and sits on a bluff overlooking the Spit and the Straits of San Juan de Fuca. I am going to start moving my stuff in tomorrow and have to call about getting my internet service turned on hopefully very soon.

We are going to be doing some things with the River Festival this friday and Saturday. They have it every year at this time at the Railroad Bridge Park I wrote from last night. I am not sure what I will be doing yet, but I will be helping out with some things. It should be fun, and these types of events really show the spirit of a town. I was hoping to go to the Festival so I am looking forward to it.

It feels good to be here; the town is big enough to have everything I need… yet small enough, the mountains AND the ocean are very close by, there are lots of farms for produce (and from what I understand there are lots of berries – oh HELL yeah!), countless recreation opportunities seem to be everywhere. The weather has been beautiful, with some fog early and late, but sunshine and nice temps during the day.

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