Day Thirteen – September 22, 2012


Tonight I write from my iPad on the shores of Lake Quinault, pictured above. I have enough 3G service to post to the blog, but the app on here is quite a different beast than the web app so I will have to fix it up with the map and more pics when I get WiFi again. Someone is hitting trees with a stick and it is pissing me off. I want solitude, but between that and the people next to me that will not shut up their screaming kid I am about to yell. The dad oughta be a dad and do something to help somehow, but he does not appear to care for fatherhood much. He is out walking around while the mom is doing all the work. What a bastard.

A cool, damp, yet beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest this morning. Just a few clouds in the sky, so a good day to look at the car again. It is acting a bit funny again so I bought a spark plug a fees days ago to have as a spare so I am going to go ahead and put it in when the sun warms and dries things out a bit. If that doesn’t fix it it might be the coil on the spark plug. Damn cars sure have changed under the hood the last few years. I have had new cars the last several and have not had to work on them. Quite a surprise to put a wrench to one now. I got the plug changed after a little fight, but it seems to be working better now.

Broke down last night and took a shower at the campground. I do not usually do the public shower things, but this is a small, quiet place and is pretty clean and well-maintained. It was nice to not have to scrimp on water and actually be able to stand in it with it working on my neck. Felt good to be able to do that and take a razor to my face for the first time in a week. I was looking a bit mangier than normal.

The drive along 101 was nice, and so was the cop who pulled me over. I thought it was 65 but I was reminded it was 55 on my invite to the policeman’s ball.

I still have about 4 – 5 days to get to my new job and get settled in, register to vote, car tags, insurance, explore the area to see where the grocery stores, restaurants, and laundromat are at. Seems strange that this part of the adventure is nearly over. I have seen and done a lot in the last 16 days.

It has been an incredible adventure so far. Who knew going to work could be such an awesome commute?

Well, except for the damn speeding ticket…

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