Day Nine – September 18, 2012

A cool, crisp start to the day. In Banff, it was still dark at 6:30, but here in Spokane around 6 it starts to get light. I woke up at 4:30 rarin’ to go for some reason.

Well, I got out and did some laundry. What an adventure. I nearly had to throw down on a grandma at the dryer. There were only two dryers, I had one, she had the other, and I had another load to dry waiting. She insisted on folding her clothes in the dryer so I asked her to please use the table to fold. She started getting lippy and I said since there were only two dryers and we were lined up please use the table. Feisty old woman. People just don’t give a damn about anyone else as long as it suits their needs.

Interesting places, these campgrounds. Every one I have been in that have hookups seem to have full-time residents in campers, RVs, etc. I wonder if they are travelers staying for a week or two, or homeless people just trying to get by. At $40 a night, that is awfully expensive getting by. One lady I talked to while doing laundry has lived in the campground for 12 years! I understand KOA lettng people stay a few weeks, but this place had all the makings of a squatter’s camp. Some sites had cars parked on both empty lots on either side… you could tell they had been parked there for quite some time. They should not be allowed to stay for that long. That is what a trailer park is for.

Drove most of the day to get towards Mt. St. Helens NP via Mt. Rainier NP, but stopped for the night in Ellensburg. Finally a decent wifi connection at a KOA. Got a nice site by the river, but a bit buggy – at least more than what I have been used to the last 16 years. It makes up for this afternoon. Got a decent WiFi connection so I am FINALLY posting my blog now! I just need to figure out how to post pictures on it.

My car started running a bit crappy a few days ago due to some bad gas I got in either Montana before I went north, or it was just insult on top of injury for paying over $5 a gallon in Canada. Today it got worse going up a huge pass on the interstate before where I decided to stop for the night. I filled up with premium and got a bottle of injector cleaner. Hope that fixes it tomorrow. Car trouble is another reason I took out early…cant be late to the new gig. Talked with John on the phone and he said it may be a plug wire. Gotta look at that tomorrow (or the next day) before I head out.

Then, after that, my $50 towing mirror came off and got runded over by another car on the highway. Wonder if they would warranty that…

I have been pondering something lately. I have been to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons five or six times, and now Banff/Jasper NP in Canada and I have yet to see a damn grizzly. I do not think that they exist – just like you never see Clark Kent and Superman at the same party. If anything, I have seen black bears and I am beginning to believe the “grizzly” bears are just black bears that went to the costume shop and stuffed the oversized costumes with toilet paper (like that girl playing football on the commercial).

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