Day Four – September 13, 2012

Another travel day today after getting a late start, but I made it to the KOA outside the gate of Glacier National Park. Cooked up some eggs and ham, and then it took a little time to take a shower in the closet in the camper they call a wet bath. It is basically just that… a closet with a toilet and a shower in it. Afterwards I had to wrap up the assorted cables and hoses for the camper. I think I am getting the hang of this.

Left last night’s KOA at Bozeman, drove a little more on the interstate, then took off north on some US and state highways. A nice drive through the middle of absolutely nowhere in Montana. It was actually quite beautiful in its own way. There’s a lot of smoke in the air from the fires that are burning in the West, and it made it very hazy in some parts. I could even smell it in some places as I zoomed down the highway.

I was up here many years back in the early 90s, but thought I might as well see it again since it was kind of on the way… especially since I am heading into Canada on my way to Washington. It is a nice place; different than Colorado, with the mountains being “blockier” since they are glacial in nature. To me, they are not as spectacular as the Rockies, but are special in their own right.

Pretty cool up here tonight. I may be having to give up on the shorts before long, but I ain’t going to put them away without a fight. I have been wearing shorts nearly all of the last 5 months. I did have to put pants on a time or two, but it has been shorts most of the time. Going to be a hard habit to break I can tell already.

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