🤮, Might As Well Do Something…It’s Friday, Staying Home, Driving, Bite Toothpaste Bits

Wouldn’t want to spill your tray on this ugly-ass carpet; you’d never find your weed. Maybe that was the idea…

I went to town and got the recycling and donations dropped off today. It’s always good to clear out unused things that hopefully someone can get some use out of. Plus it’s nice to clear out junk and unnecessary clutter and recycle or trash it.

After I got back I put in a few more hours on the basement. I was able to I found a piece of the above-pictured carpet in the mess today. Sorry if anyone was offended.

What a horrific era for decorating, those 1960s-70s. Dark furniture, avocado or “Harvest Gold” appliances, orange or purple glass lamps, and this ugly-ass carpet…sometimes this color, sometimes yellows and golds, or even reds & oranges. Hideous.

I was able to make a little more room by combining things into bins and putting things on shelves to get them off the floor. Other stuff to donate was put on the now-empty table.

Anyhoo, the basement has been a real mess to deal with but it’s getting better with each bag of trash and each donated item leaving. Today I got two more bags of junk picked up and hauled outside and there may be enough for a load to haul off. I think I’m going to keep piling up bags for now. I’m on a roll getting it done! It would be nice to get those full bags outta here though. We’ll see.

As usual the last several years, I’ll be staying put on NYE. I don’t drive impaired in any way. It’s not worth any risk to anyone. I’m not interested in going to jail. I can party just as hard at home and not have to take chances. I won’t be around large crowds these days anyway so it works out. It’ll be just another night at home with the dogs, but maybe with an extra glass of wine!

It’s looking like some decent weather over the weekend and Tuesday but some rain on Monday. I’m thinking it might be time for a local road trip to explore. Getting some cabin fever and I need to shake it off.

I also need to make a return to REI. A hat I picked up there earlier in the week has some quality issues so I can take care of that too. I’ll have to find something else to bring home. I did get my Patagonia packing cube set up with some toiletries and it is going to work great. There’s plenty of room in the empty side for my meds so it will keep everything together and it will make it easier to pack. The medicine bottles are a pain to haul but it’s secure (won’t open and spill) and it’s labeled.

My Bite Toothpaste Bits are pretty good. I really like them. Your mouth feels really clean and fresh but it’s a little odd the first time or two. I’m still finishing my last tube of toothpaste so I’ll have plenty of Bits on hand and won’t run short.

They do no plastics so they are sent in a big glass jar of 246 Bits If you do a subscription, and the refills come in a compostable package. I suggested to the company they need to send out a smaller travel bottle with your first subscription order. When traveling to a foreign country you can have what looks to be pills that are in a bottle with a label.

I ended up having to buy a 1-month bottle with my next order to have for travel and that’s okay. They’ll get used. I’ll just put it in with my toiletries cube and I’m good to go. It’s labeled from the company so I will be covered.

That’s about it for now. See you next time.

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